Corporate Events

Are you looking forward to making your employees act better as a team? Introducing a new crew to your already-formed company?

An Escape Room event can be a powerful to creating a cooperative environment and creating collaborative energy between different kinds of people.

Build your team !

If you’re looking for a team building exercise, look no further. An escape room is the ultimate team building exercise, requiring everyone to work together and communicate to achieve a common goal. Whether your team consists of co-workers, family, friends, or schoolmates, you'll bond over your memorable experience at Escape Room Era!


Building a team that thrives on creativity can be a tough ask. One has to look at each team member individually and make an assessment. In a recent study conducted by Harvard points out that team building is a process that takes a lot of time and effort. However, an escape room might be considered as one of the most effective and fastest ways to build a team.

Competitive pricing

Our standard prices are 35$ per person, however larger groups for corporate events can get competitive discounts.


You can check our rules and policies on the individual game pages. The standard rules apply for corporate events.


We can accomodate up to 15 players at once, with 6 in The Overgrown and 9 in Christmas At Franklin's


Due to COVID-19, we no longer offer catering and after-game waiting rooms.

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These are the collection of Escape Games created by ERA.

the overgrown

In this escape room you are apocalyptic survivors. The raiders that are normally at the office outpost are gone for at least one hour. Now is your chance to get inside and find out what they are protecting.

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Escape from christmas

In this Christmas Escape Room, you have been commanded by General Claus to steal the greatest toy in the world. Without the greatest toy, the North Pole's stock will plummet.

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the hide

Coming soon

covid 19 safety

As a response to COVID-19, we have tripled our efforts to protect our customers from the pandemy.

Here's what we are doing to guarantee your safety during the Escape Games

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