the overgrown

In this escape room, you are post-apocalyptic survivors. The raiders, who are normally at the office outpost, are gone for at least one hour. Now is your chance to go inside and find out what they are hiding.

About this escape room

The Overgrown is a linear escape room that transports you to a world with puzzles inspired by its post-apocalyptic, sci-fi theme.


This escape room's theme is Post-Apocalyptic

escape game features


This escape room's difficulty rated at 8/10, with tough puzzles that require a harder degree of thinking than usual.


This escape room's duration is 60 minutes maximum. Some teams have finished this escape game in lower times.


This escape room's can accommodate up to 6 people. The room doesn't have adult/gore content, so it's recommended for all ages.


This escape room has tiered pricing of $38 per player for groups of 3-6 players and $50 per player for groups of 2.

Age Limit

Under 18 at the escape room requires an adult to be present. No exceptions.


No alcohol allowed. Any person exhibiting intoxicated behaviors will be asked to leave without a refund.


There is a 24 hour no refund policy. Please plan accordingly.


Don't worry, if you're in the process of escaping the room and need the help to escape, we'll be there for you.

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