Escape rooms for educational purposes?

David Watermeier - Nov 3, 2019 - 3 min read

Most of the time an escape room is widely seen as a form of pure entertainment or team building experience for corporate events.

However, if you look at its core, every escape room challenge has many things in common. They require teamwork, and they definitely require the brain to work.

This means they are effective means of testing or cementing knowledge in an efficient way.    

Most people don’t know that escape rooms can be a great way to experience dating. It puts you and your date in a situation that requires you to actually communicate with your date and have fun at the same time. Here are some reasons why you should consider escape room dating as it can really spice up your dating life!

A Special Date:

Going on movies, or a nice dinner can get pretty repetitive. On the other hand, an escape room date can be a night to remember.

It’s a unique idea to also get your date interested in how fun you actually are.

The truth is that we live in a world that can be really stressful and an escape room can help you figure out whether your date might lead to something promising in the future.

You get to know the other Person:

Escaping a room with the help of a few clues can actually be pretty exciting and this is exactly what you’ll get through an escape room date. You will get the chance to actually brainstorm various clues that an escape room offers. During the process, you will be working on clues together that can be a pretty fun thing to experience. Also, don’t forget the adrenaline rush when you actually escape the room!

No Trying:

Dates can be very exhausting. Most of the times when you meet someone new, chances are that you won’t connect straight away. And then you and your date will probably feel a little awkward as continuing a conversation requires more effort. The good news is, that in an escape room you will straight away get engaged in an activity that you and your date won’t regret or even feel bored. This is possibly the best way to have fun and feel connected.


Finding out if you’re compatible with someone you’re dating can normally take a few dates. However, an escape room provides you an opportunity to find out at the moment that will it be worth dating with the individual or not. This in turn will save you a lot of time and can signal straight away if you will be compatible or not!

It really all depends on how fun and value you want to bring in your date. If you’re looking to take things on a high level then an escape room is the perfect solution for you!

Luckily we have an escape room that's designed for 2 players in mind,

the Overgrown.